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About Ndemazeah Godlove: From Humble Beginnings to Multi-Award-Winning Forex Trader!

Meet Ndemazeah Godlove, a certified multi-award winning forex trader, agricultural economist, and founder of Godlove Group. He was born in Cameroon and currently resides in South Africa with his beautiful wife and son. Ndemazeah is a successful businessman, YouTuber, husband, and father. He is also the lead instructor at Godlove University, where he shares his knowledge and expertise with his students.

Ndemazeah was the first person in Cameroon to try out forex trading, and today he is the most successful forex trader from Cameroon and amongst the best in Africa and the world. With over 8 years of experience in the forex market, he has received multiple awards as the best forex trader for 2020, 2022, and 2023 respectively.

He is the founder of PATREX PRO, a viral forex robot that helps hundreds of people automate their trading and make millions from the forex market. Ndemazeah has flipped multiple accounts to crazy amounts and even took a $5000 to $50000 flipping challenge with his students, which ended up hitting $100000.

Forex trading has given Ndemazeah the freedom to travel the world, and he has been named the African most traveled individual, having visited all continents and more than 50 countries. He has made a lot of money from forex trading, and now it's time for him to give back.Through his mentorship and teachings on YouTube and Godlove University, Ndemazeah is giving back by sharing the secrets he used on a daily basis to make money from the forex market.

Join Ndemazeah's courses and learn the secrets he uses on a daily basis to make money from the forex market. Enroll in Godlove University today and take your first step towards financial freedom!

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Course Structure

The course is divided into 3 different levels, the UNDERGRADUATE, MASTERS AND PHD/ADVANCE LEVELS. These levels are listed and explained below. The entire course duration is 2 months. So you will be able to go through the entire course and be able to understand all the concepts/strategies and start trading within 2 months. You will be able to have access to the entire course forever including access to all the 3 levels at a price of $499


This is where you have to start because it introduces you to the world of forex and covers all the basics which you are supposed to know before moving to the masters and advance course/levels. 

  • Number Of Course: 35-40 Video Lessons 
  • Lesson Duration: 4-15 minutes per lesson. 
  • Level Length : 4 to 5 hours 
  • Quiz? : Yes , 8-15 multiple choice questions sessions with each session having about 20 multiple choice questions which you must have at least a 75% pass before advancing to the next Lesson. 
  • Course Difficulty Level: Easy


This is where things start getting serious. After finishing the lessons on the UNDERGRADUATE/BEGINNER level, you will be advanced to this level where we will start being practical. More tips, tricks and secrets will be revealed to you at this level and you will also start demo trading at this level. 

  • Number Of Course: 40-45 Video Lessons 
  • Lesson Duration: 3-15 minutes per lesson 
  • Level Length : but 8 to 11 hours 
  • Quiz? : Yes , 15-20 multiple choice questions sessions with each session having about 20 multiple choice questions which you must have at least a 75% pass before advancing to the next Lesson. 
  • Course Difficulty Level: INTERMEDIATE but made easy.


I call this level the ‘CHILLING WITH THE BIG BOYS LEVEL” as this is the level where you will be taught about 8 different forex trading strategies formulated and used by Ndemazeah Godlove himself. More advance tips, tricks and secrets will be revealed at this level and you will be well evaluated to make sure you are ready to start trading live.  

  • Number Of Course: 30-40 Video Lessons 
  • Lesson Duration: 5-15 minutes per lesson 
  • Level Length : but 6 to 10 hours 
  • Quiz? : Yes , 10-20 multiple choice questions sessions with each session having about 20 multiple choice questions which you must have at least a 75% pass before advancing to the next Lesson. 
  • Course Difficulty Level: DIFFICULT but made easy.

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What's In The Course

Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll


I understand that people learn differently so we made sure that we cater for all different types of learning. We know that the are people who learn best by watching which is Visual learning, there are also people who learn best by reading like the norm and there are people who learn best by listening which is Audible learning .

So our course includes videos, slides, quizzes, voice-over teaching and PDFs to cater for all. This is because there is different strokes for different folks therefore we made sure that our clients are always happy with our service.

You’ll be firstly added to our Student support group whereas the link will be on the thank you page after you purchase the course. That’s when lifetime mentorship and follow up on students starts.

What You Get After Purchasing The Course. 

You will get the following after purchasing the course. 

  • Life time access to the full course 
  • You will become a Mentee to Ndemazeah Godlove and be mentored by the best in the industry. 
  • Access to my private Discord Forex Community. 
  • 90 to 110 Video lessons and scripts. 
  • 23-28 hours of top rated content 
  • About 8 profitable strategies used by Ndemazeah Godlove To make money from the forex market daily 
  • Course Materials 
  • About 300 multiple choice questions.A Recognised and approved CERTIFICATE at the end of the course. 


You will automatically qualify to be a mentee of Ndemazeah Godlove and be mentored by the best Forex Trader for 2022 award winner. You will also be a part of community of my private forex community with hundreds of forex traders sharing ideas on a daily basis. My private community is hosted in Discord. 

While in discord you will have rare access to an invite only Discord server where I occasionally do live zoom sessions with all the members in the private discord channel. 

A lot of free tools will also be shared to all my mentees in my private discord channel which you will get access after purchasing the course. 

Forex Certificate from Godlove University. 

Ndemazeah Godlove is Certified and accredited and as such, a foreign exchange certificate of completion will be issued to you at the end of the course. 

Godlove University is also registered and your certificate will be recognised worldwide. With this certificate, you will be able to have the following advantages. 

  1. You can easily present the certificate at a bank and you will be given a job as a professional forex trader or a job in the field of finance. 
  2. You can easily be funded by prop firms. If you present your certificate to a pro firm then you will stand a chance of getting funded to trade the companies funds. 
  3. This also serves as a reward for a job well done or for all the hard work you put into going through and completing the entire course. You can print it out and put in your home/office. 
  4. This is just to name a few advantages you can get after getting certified from Godlove University an having a certificate in Foreign Exchange (Forex) Trading. 

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Clients Testimonials

I don't sell myself, my clients do. Hear what my clients have to say.

Hank Benard

“I watched the first video on Ndemazeah Godlove Youtube channel and got hooked immediately. I remember requesting a couple of times for him to launch his course and as soon as he did I was able to book without even checking the price which is very fair because of what I knew I was gonna be getting in return from him. He has been teaching me how to trade the Forex market and his techniques have been working beautifully. I am now able to make money almost everyday and I'm no longer afraid of the unpredictable volatility in the market. I highly recommend this course because he's not only knowledgeable and a profitable trader but also a kind person with a lot of knowledge to pass onto you”

Amanda Heckins

"I was once an ordinary trader, trading my funds on the Forex market. I had some success but it always felt like I was chasing my losses. That changed when I met Ndemazeah Godlove through his complete course and Discord Mentee community. His coaching helped me enter the market confidently and with a strategy that actually made some profit! It's been exactly 4 months since then and I have tripled my funds. Can’t thank you enough."

Maxwel Cole

I have been trading Forex for a few years now and have been through a lot of different systems and different mentors. I have never seen anything as good as Ndemazeah Godlove Course and mentorship. I started on his youtube channel, then purchase his course and robot. I will follow this dude where so ever he goes lol. I am now making more money than I ever have before and it's all thanks to this guy.

Acacia Marie

The one course that stands out in my mind is Ndemazeah Godlove Forex Blueprint Course. He always asks the right questions - the ones that get to the heart of what is important, not just what you need to know for your next test. I was referred to him by a friend and am glad I didn’t hesitate to enrol immediately. I am now going through his 2 months full course with his guidance and I have already seem massive results. Time and money well spend”

Bill Jolley

“Ndemazeah Godlove has been instrumental in my trading journey. As a beginner trader, I was struggling with the competitive Forex market where I knew I would have to work hard to make money. Ndemazeah showed me how to be consistent and build a system that would allow me to work on my strengths, which are my mathematical skills. He is a patient mentor and the best. Period!”

Kylie Arleny

"I've seen amazing results already. I couldn't have asked for more than this. Not able to tell you how happy I am with Godlove University. Godlove is very experience and you can tell from the go that this is a guy who has the heart of gold and is willing to pass on his expertise and help others like me who were totally lost. I will be ordering his robot after the course just to have another tool that can make me money on the site as well 


Please be aware that refunds are not accepted as the material and information provided after purchasing are non-returnable and cannot be unseen. For more certainty on what you will be receiving please feel free to browse through the rest of the website or contact us with any specific queries. Thank you for understanding.

NB: All sales are final and non refundable. We are unable to refund, credit or return any purchases made, this is final and only under exceptional cases will this be considered.