Forex Sentiment Analysis

  • Feel the Market Pulse:

Forex sentiment analysis helps traders gain insights into how real traders are positioned, through the current distribution of long trades vs. short trades for each currency pair.

  • Identify Contrarian Opportunities:

If a large number of traders are positioned one way, it might indicate a chance to go the other way.

  • Gauge Market Confidence:

A high concentration of long or short positions could signal strong directional bias.

  • Make informed trading decisions:

Gain a more comprehensive understanding of market sentiment beyond just price action.

  • Refine your trading strategy:

Use this data as a valuable piece of the puzzle alongside technical and fundamental analysis.

  • Navigate Market Psychology:

Understand both the technical signals and the “herd mentality” that can influence market movements.

Note: It is important not to use the information below in isolation; instead, it should be combined with both technical and fundamental analysis.

Currency Pairs Data

Currency Pairs Data

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Symbol Positions Bar Long Trades Percentage Short Trades Percentage Long Volume Lots Short Positions Short Volume Lots Total Positions Total Volume Lots Change in Long % Change in Short %