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One-On-One Package Details


The package is a ONCE OFF payment of $999 which you will get the following.

Who Is This One-On-On Coaching Session For?

This session is for both beginners, intermediary and advance forex traders.


If you are a Beginner then we will cover all the steps needed to get your started in forex trading on the right path and Forex Mental Training.

Intermediary Trader

If you are an intermediary trader, then we shall access your level of expertise in forex, what you are doing wrong, how to leverage on your strength and get you on track.

Advance Trader

If you are an Advance trader who is already making some profits in Forex then good welcome colleague, we shall talk about your strategies which are already working, focus more on trading psychology and I will also reveal some of my advance strategies and my process and transition from an amateur to one of the best profitable forex trader in the industry.

The secret to relaxed & faster Results in Forex lies in Expert coaching. This is the ultimate 1 on 1 coaching program. It is your opportunity to take advantage of my almost 7 years’ experience and skills as a trader and business magnet. I can’t wait to hear your amazing Forex Plan and assist you on achieving those plans and goals.

Meet Ndemazeah Godlove

Who is Ndemazeah Godlove?

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Godlove University

Meet Ndemazeah Godlove

Ndemazeah Godlove is a certified multi-award-winning forex trader, agricultural economist, and the visionary founder of Godlove Group. Born in Cameroon and currently residing in South Africa with his beautiful wife, son, and daughter, Ndemazeah’s journey is a testament to hard work, perseverance, and success. 

As a successful businessman and YouTuber with a thriving community of half a million subscribers, Ndemazeah holds the distinction of having the largest YouTube subscriber base and forex community in Africa. His engaging and insightful content has empowered countless individuals, making him a trusted name in the forex trading world.

Ndemazeah is not only a dedicated husband and father but also the lead instructor at Godlove University, where he passionately shares his extensive knowledge and expertise with his students. His pioneering spirit led him to be the first person in Cameroon to venture into forex trading. Today, he stands as the most successful forex trader from Cameroon and one of the best in Africa and the world.

With over 8 years of experience in the forex market, Ndemazeah has garnered multiple awards, being named the best forex trader for 2020, 2022, 2023, and 2024. His accolades and achievements speak volumes about his expertise and dedication to the field.

Ndemazeah is also the founder of the fastest-growing forex proprietary (Prop) firm, Lionheart Funding Program, which has attracted more than 21,000 traders in just the first three months of its launch. Additionally, he is the creator of PATREX PRO, a viral forex robot that has helped hundreds of people automate their trading and achieve substantial financial success.

His success in forex trading has afforded him the freedom to travel the world, earning him the title of Africa’s most traveled individual, with visits to all continents and over 50 countries.

Now, Ndemazeah is committed to giving back. Through his mentorship and teachings on YouTube and Godlove University, he shares the secrets and strategies he uses daily to make money from the forex market. His mission is to empower others to achieve financial independence and success.

Join Ndemazeah’s courses and be a part of this transformative journey. Learn the secrets that have made him a forex trading legend and discover how you can achieve similar success in the forex market.

Let’s Prosper Together! 💰🏆💰

my vision

My Aim As Your Forex Coach

You are dealing with an individual who is a real Forex trader making real money in Forex Trading, not a commissioned salesman and that is what stands my coaching apart from most of the others out there. My aim as your Forex coach is to help you become an independent and successful Forex trader. With clients from over 28 Countries and a 5 Star rating on the popular review website Forex Peace Army, you can be sure it is a privilege to have a session with one of the best in the industry.

A Forex trading mentor should be an experienced trader with the necessary knowledge and know-how to successfully trade the markets. A trading mentor can significantly improve your trading performance. That is where you need me.

I remember the days when I started to trade, focusing too much on short timeframes and applying a large number of technical indicators which provided contradictory trading signals.

If I had had a trading mentor they would have immediately spotted all the mistakes I was making.

My journey to becoming a successful trader would have likely taken less time.

Prepare your self

How To Prepare For Your Zoom One-On-One Session With Me.

Just like there is a saying “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”, you need to be prepared before the session and below are some tips that will guide you on how to properly prepare for the session.

Remember my role as your forex mentor/coach is to facilitate your learning curve and help you achieve your ultimate forex dream. So you should already have a clear cut goal and ideas on what you want as a forex trader. So please to help me help you, you must be properly prepared before the session.

I will like to see your game plan and also write down all your questions no matter how many they are. There is no obvious question in Forex. So no matter how obvious the question is please write it down so that we can be able to thrash it during our zoom session.

Since the session is strictly for 1hour, you won’t want to waste any of the precious time pondering on questions to ask when you would have been prepared before our session. It’s going to be lively I promise you.

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